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6/30:  New York Times on Bolivia's elections.  Le Monde Diplomatique on the failure of the war on terrorism.  The US, peacekeepers, the international war crimes court and internationalism.  The Observer on the crisis of the American capitalism.
6/28China displaces the US.  The US business model is being questioned.  Ganglords rule slums of BrazilCouric vs. Coulter.
6/26Bush parrots Israel's call for Arafat's removal.
6/25:  WalMarts doesn't pay its workers for all the work they do.  Nicholas Kristof, apologist for sweatshops.  Europe courts Chile.
6/23Warlords win Loya Jorga.  Judith Williamson on the rights of children.  Pakistan and US clothing tariffsTed Turner and Israel.
6/17:  Doctrine of Pre-emptive strikes.
6/16:  Limits to the achievements of the war on terrorism.
6/13Documentary on possible abuses by US in Afghanistan.  Protectionism and the WTO.  Danger to the world economy if the dollar falls too fast.