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Richard Florida has a theory that the creative capital of a city (its friendliness to gays and bohos) is a key aspect of its potential for economic growth.  My problem with his index is it measures bohos and gays per capita.  But as something of a boho myself, I have to say that its absolute quantity, not per capita that matters.  That is, bohos would rather live in a community of 5,000 bohos in a city of 80,000 than a community of 500 in a city of 1,000, even though the latter would rate much higher per capita.
A crude, but useful index is provided by considering how many personals are posted on within 10 miles of a zip code.  All posters on Nerve aren't bohos, but they're close enough. 
Frex, there are 40 women on Nerve in Greensboro, NC, 58 in Charlotte, 92 near Chapel Hill (my area) and 276 in Atlanta.  This broadly corresponds to the value of each of these cities for bohos.
White Collar Crime is on the rise, and was even during the economic boom.  Lots of reasons, most notably the incentives created by stock options to manipulate earnings reports.
The geniuses in charge of the New York State Regent Test have improved literature  passages in order to protect students.

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