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What does Three Hegemons mean?
US unilateralism
War on Terrorism
Crisis of the US capitalist model
Latin America
WTO and other international organizations

Here are some places on the web I go to often:
Common Dreams:  good daily collection of news stories for the progressive community.
Fairness and accuracy in reporting Serious criticism of the media from a left wing perspective.
Immanuel Wallerstein writes commentaries on contemporary events from a long term perspective.  He is possibly the most important intellectual in the US regularly commenting on the contemporary world.
Le Monde Diplomatique has an English edition with some articles available for non-subscribers.
Counterpunch is Alexander Cockburn's newsletter--lots of good articles.
Here is some info about weblogs.
The New York Times most e-mailed articles of the day (a democratic blog of sorts)
Tom Tomorrow's homepage has a blog as well as his hilarious cartoon, This Modern World.
Robert Christgau is the dean of US rock critics.  His homepage includes his consumer guide in easy search format.
Narco News has useful information about Colombia and other sites of the US 'war on drugs'.
Naomi Klein's No Logo website has lots of informative stuff, although its not the prettiest site you'll ever see.
Snopes is an excellent place to determine the veracity of rumours, internet petitions, etc.
I'm not a totally serious, 100% anti-corporate person.  Some other sites I visit frequently include Bluefly (amazing prices on great clothes), Nerve (the coolest personals--look up Magneticfields :)) E!online (excellent gossip columns).