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Three interesting articles today:  China is displacing the US in the East Asian economy.  The US model of business accounting is fading globally as a result of recent scandals.  In Brazilian slums, gang lords enforce 'law and order'.  Not that this seems to worry those who celebrate 'democratization' in Latin  America (on a related note, see this article I posted earlier on lawlessness in rural China).
We live in a strange country (the US, if I happen to have any international visitors).  Since there is no left visible in public life to speak of, at least as the left is defined everywhere else in the world (believing that capitalists and the US have negative effects on things, for example) right-wingers have to (or perhaps enjoy) attacking practically anyone in the democratic party or the news media as 'left'.  This is a link to a description of the fight between right-wing nutcase Ann Coulter and Katie Couric on the latter's show.  Katie Couric???

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