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Bolivia is holding elections on Sunday.  In classic New York Times fashion, it is seen as very bad news that they may elect someone who tries to attend to urgent basic needs rather than to the US policy agenda.
Interesting article from Le Monde Diplomatique about the limits of US strategy to fight the terrorist networks.
The US is backing out of peace-keeping operations in Bosnia out of fears that US military might be prosecuted under the new international criminal court.

"History, I believe, will record the actions of the U.S. administration of President George W. Bush to wreck U.N. peacekeeping and the International Criminal Court as one of the most shameful lows in global U.S. leadership," said William Pace, head of the International Coalition for a Criminal Court, a coalition of more than 1,000 organizations supporting the tribunal.

Just what about internationalism will survive the administration of George W. Bush?  Full article.


Good article from The Observer about the seriousness of the American corporate crisis. 

The integrity of the entire system for channelling savings into investment is now in question as is that of corporate America, just as America's debts to foreigners and its own consumers indebtedness have reached unsustainable levels. The country has been living beyond its means and inventing value when none existed. No one can predict with certainty how this will unravel, although the faltering of American consumer confidence and the sell-off of the dollar are already pointers. The dollar is threatening to inherit the sobriquet of 'toilet currency' once borne by the euro.

Full article


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