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Apparently the Kurds aren't eager for the US to invade Iraq, or overthrow him through covert operations.  A few months ago Kuwait said they were okay with Saddam Hussein.  So who exactly is the US supposed to be helping here?
So's that's why he turned white.  Michael Jackson's surprising intervention into the debate on the recording industry's practices towards artists.
Interesting article from the Arab News today, arguing that Bin Ladenism is a spent force, politically.  I find this point particularly interesting:

The first [condition necessary for Bin Ladenism to thrive] was a cynical misinterpretation of Islam that began decades ago by such romantic-idealists as the Pakistani Abul-Ala Maudoodi and the Egyptian Sayyid Qutb. Although Maudoodi and Qutb were not serious thinkers, they could, at least offer a coherent ideology based on a narrow reading of the Islamic texts. Their ideas, distilled down to Bin Laden, became mere slogans designed to incite zealots to murder.

People like Maudoodi and Qutb could catch the ball and run largely because most Muslim intellectuals did not deem it necessary to continue the work of Muslim philosophers. Modern Muslim intellectuals, seduced by fashionable Western ideologies, left the new urban masses of Islams teeming cities exposed to the half-baked ideas that Maudoodi and Qutb peddled. In time, Maudoodo-Qutbism provided the ideological topos in which Bin Ladenism could grow.

Now, however, many Muslim intellectuals are returning home, so to speak. They are rediscovering Islams philosophical heritage and beginning to continue the work started by pioneers of Islamic political thought over 1,000 years ago. Paradoxically, it is Maudoodo-Qutbism that is now being exposed as a pseudo-Islamic version of Western totalitarian ideologies.

If it is in fac true that Muslim intellectuals are 'returning home', and start to develop a real synthesis of Islam with 'the best of the west', it could be an interesting millenium.