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"A schoolboy fight had rekindled an old clan enmity, and hot words led to open preparations for battle. The villagers built earthen ramparts and gun emplacements. They fashioned six-foot cannons from empty gas cylinders and cantaloupe-size projectiles from scrap metal."

Fascinating article on the collapse of state institutions in rural China.

"The study said that drug companies were increasingly relying on the me-too products as patents on top-selling drugs expired, and they could not discover enough truly new medicines to increase revenue as fast as investors expected.

The modified drugs also provide a high return on investment, the study stated, since developing them is much less expensive and also less time-consuming than trying to find a new medicine.

"This is more evidence that the pharmaceutical companies are turning more into marketing companies," Ms. Chockley said. By using advertising to sell drugs that are essentially line extensions of existing medicines, she said, the companies have learned to be like Procter & Gamble, the maker of Tide."

The Health Insurance industry takes aim at the pharmaceutical industry.  Always amusing when capitalists fight each other.