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Okay, Let's get started.....

What will I write about on my weblog? A wide variety of things. I read the New York Times very closely.  Everyday I will highlight news that people should be paying attention to, but might not be.  I'll also link up to academic stuff that's interesting to me, other blogs, etc.
Frex, today in the Times they published this letter by Wayne Smith:

Bush and Latin America

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U.S. Hasn't Kept Promise to Latin America, Critics Say (May 19, 2002)

To the Editor:

"U.S. Hasn't Kept Promise to Latin America, Critics Say" (news article, May 19) speaks of "a sense of betrayal by many countries in the region" in reaction to the Bush administration's Latin America policy. Having followed the United States' advice as to how to manage their economies and having expected a closer and more profitable relationship with the United States, they now find the United States increasingly indifferent to their plight.

Argentines may have a special peeve, for while President Bush now asserts that he knows nothing of Enron, he acted as a lobbyist for Enron in 1988. He urged the privatization of Argentina's publicly owned energy system and insisted that Enron be given first option to buy up gas, electricity, water and other Argentine utilities. By and large, Enron was given that option, with the same disastrous results that Enron brought everywhere.

Senior Fellow
Center for International Policy
Washington, May 20, 2002



I'm not sure why this was a letter rather than a front page story, but I don't edit the Times...

I'm not planning to get very personal here.  Maybe I'll make another web page for that stuff.