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>Fla. police cars to sport corporate logos
>By Associated Press, 8/26/02
>SPRINGFIELD, Fla.  This Florida Panhandle town is getting new
>police cars for only $1 each, but there's a catch. The cars will
>be festooned with corporate sponsorship logos similar to those on
>race cars.
>City commissioners voted 4-0 Thursday to accept the deal with
>Charlotte, N.C.-based Government Acquisitions. The company hopes
>to provide a new squad car for each of Springfield's 15 officers
>within the next three years.
>Government Acquisitions partner Ken Allison said advertising on
>cruisers destined for the Panama City suburb would be toned
>Police Chief Sam Slay said the city could save about $500,000
>over the three-year span.
>"You are talking about $500,000 that can be spent other places in
>the city, and that's what this program is for," said Mayor Robert
>Slay wants the savings used to hire two more officers, but
>Commissioner Carl Curti said other departments may need the
>money. Slay said his department should get to keep use the money
>instead of being punished for saving it.
>Curti also was apprehensive about using the police car budget for
>other purposes.
>"These free cars may not always be free cars," Curti said.
>(C) Copyright 2002 The New York Times Company

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