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If's, And's or Butts
Necessity is the mother of invention. If this clever aphorism were true, you'd think that Serbia (a.k.a. the war-ravaged former Yugoslavia) would spawn innovations like land-mine detectors and improved prosthetic limbs. Seems that the country's inventors have something else on their minds: Slavomir Adamovic has designed a new line of women's underwear with a built-in alarm that emits a piercing sound when "violated." Adamovic (a.k.a. Serbia's answer to Ron Popeil) is convinced that the product will be a hot seller in the region, where butt-pinching is epidemic. Other countries clearly see a hole in the market: a handful of Japanese and Taiwanese companies hope to snap up the copyright. But in a bizarre act of automatic whistle-blowing, an Italian company will probably get its hands on the revolutionary undies first. Sales of earplugs are expected to soar.

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